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Taking the Gloves Off: Good Things Can Happen When You Go To Trial

While serious felonies get all the press—think armed robbery, rape, murder—a criminal defense lawyer in Washington, D.C. spends the bulk of his time defending misdemeanors. These include assault, domestic or otherwise, driving under the influence (DUI), hit and run, solicitation of prostitution, petty theft, drug possession cases, and the like.  For many defendants, this is their first contact with the criminal justice system. That’s good, because first time offenders, if convicted, are very often sentenced to probation.

But for many defendants, jail time isn’t their only, or even primary concern. A criminal conviction can result in termination of employment and can make finding a new job difficult. Many Washington, D.C. employees have security clearances, and a criminal conviction may cause that clearance to be revoked. And finally, there is a psychological component to having a criminal conviction that many people have trouble dealing with.

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Homicide: Enhancements & Aggravating Circumstances

As previously discussed, DC law recognizes two types of murder offenses: First Degree Murder (FDM) and Second Degree Murder (SDM).  FDM and SDM convictions carry the highest penalties under the law and, under certain circumstances, the penalties can be enhanced to almost double the prison sentence. A Washington, D.C. criminal defense attorney will know how to navigate this tricky sentencing structure.

If convicted of FDM, you will be sentenced to anywhere from between 30 years to life in prison. However, you have the possibility of early release.  SDM on the other hand, does not require a minimum sentence but you could face up to life in prison with the possibility of early release if convicted.

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